Saturday, September 14, 2013

WIP On the Desk: The Start of a New Project

Well no racing this weekend so, time to start a new project.  I have several on going projects, but this one is going to get front billing for some time to come and the others will get mixed in gradually.  This is the beginning of my Greek project.  This is an army I'm planning to use for a couple of different games systems.  I'll be using the Victrix plastic Greeks, a few Foundry minis, and some Gorgon Spartan minis.  These, I assembled this morning from the Mercenary Hoplite and Athenian box sets.  These two box sets have very good head selections.  The base models are the same, but they have different heads and some different command options.

 Below is a close up of many of the crest-less head ones.  I still have a few bits to put on them.  These models are real good size for me.  They are very close in scale to the Foundry and Gorgon Miniatures metal Greeks.  Not tiny like the Immortal/Warlord Games Greeks.  That should make them a bit easier for me to paint and work with.
Below another shot of the models.  The one on the right has a head swap where I used a Gripping Beast Viking head.
These guys below have those funky Greek helmets, that I don't really care for, non-Corinthian style, so they will be mostly my back rankers.
I've yet to do much of any conversion work on these models, but will sit down and add some hair and convert up some models.  The one game system that I plan to play using this army will require lots of conversion work.


  1. great looking units will follow this avidly
    Peace James

  2. The units should look pretty good once all assembled. Victrix has some very nice looking figure. The army will be like a jig saw puzzle as the two game systems are similar yet very different.

  3. Ohh this is going to be fun to follow.

    1. Oh I think this will be a cool ride for everyone.