Saturday, September 21, 2013

WIP On the Desk: The Greek Project progress

So another weekend that I have no racing to do, next weekend.  That said I decided to work on the Greeks a bit more.  As I build, even though the kits from Victrix some good variety, is that I'm rather limited in pieces to use in building the models.  That means that there are potentially repeat poses in the force.  That has always bugged me, I like variety in appearance.  My solution so far is hair.

And lots of it.  Sort of mimicking some of the sculpting that Gorgon and Foundry have done on their Greeks.
I'll likely add a few beards also.
And below is my oracle model, which is actually named as Oracle from Megalith Games, Godslayer - Halodynes faction.   
The pictures of this model on-line are splendid, but don't be fooled.  I have my work cut out for me to get this model ready for tabletop use.  The metal looks to be white metal, but is a bit soft, not quite like lead, but awfully close.
The sweeping wraps are simply a pain in the ass to get on the model.  There is no good way to attach them to the point that they will be durable for game use, and with the model be so soft, they probably would not last any ways.  So the additional drapings that are suppose to come off the wrists I will probably delete and replace with green stuff.
The model also has a crap load of flash on it, and like two or three flash lines going across the face, which is extremely odd to me.  It must have been one super poorly designed mold to do that.  I think its salvageable, but really.  I've been scoping out some of their other Halodynes, but now I'm not sure I want to bother with anything else from Megalith Games.
And above is another comparison shot of a Gorgon Spartan to a Victrix Athenian.  Kind of a funny shot with the Russian Alternative barbarian behind them.  It shows just how large the fantasy chaos like figure is in comparison to the historical miniatures.


  1. Looking good, thanks for showing a Victrix vs. Gorgon (foundryesqe) shot. Look great for plastics. Have to get together for some games when the carting season is over.

  2. Yea I'll have Victrix review at some point with comparison shots to Gorgon, Foundry, and Warlord/Immortal Greeks.

    Next race is this weekend in Iowa.

    Much more progress to come.