Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Vikings....The Madhouse Saga begins

Well after seeing the deflating news about Warhammer Ancients today, my enthusiasm for finishing my Vikings was definitely hurt, not killed, but hurt.

Those that know me, know my general disdain for metal castings, and my love for plastics.  I do like these GB Plastic Vikings, great looking minis.  The metals I have are character models that I picked up that included a number of henchmen also in metal.  The quality of the GB metals is as good as Reaper and Foundry and Red Box Games and Avatars of War, and a little better than the Perry stuff that I have worked with.  That said they are still a pain the arse to clean-up, lots of dremel work, filing, and sanding to get rid of rough spots and pits and miscasts and ugly flash lines.  And don't get me started on the crap for weapons.   Thankfully GB Plastics are loaded with extra weapons, so I got rid of the metal crap and moved to plastic, an easy and cool transition.
 So anyways, the above is the mock up of the first unit.  I'll do some more pics of some of the conversion work.  I've done a lot of head swaps and added some extras here and there.
No banner yet, but the one uninspired metal guy in the middle will be perfect for holding that banner.  My character will be the third guy from the left, next to the Berserker and the Musician. The front rank is all mounted on single 20 mm bases.
The entire second rank will be armed with throwing spears in all of the units and are on 20x 40, 20 x 60, or 20 x 80 mm bases.  Back ranks are 20 mm square or 20x40 bases.  On the movement trays, I have switched up my method.  I've decided to go with the narrow sides, as I can see these units being massed closely together, much different than my crusaders.  The front will eventually get some eye-candy.  What's a good viking unit without some carnage and pillaging.

Alot more to come on my Danes / Vikings.

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  1. Nice looking unit - has that wild and crazy look to it.