Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Fwamin' 'Eadz Nob

Well this is another figure I started a long time ago and finally got around to finishing.  A 40k Ork Nob.
The Nob is converted.  I created the back pole icon out of plasti-card, sculpted the skull and flames on the shoulder and the flames above the eye.  The axe is also a conversion.
Stitched wound was carved into the plastic and then sculpted the stitches.   Added a Tau head, dislike those little bastards.  I really like how the skin tone turned out and how the browns turned out.
The base is one of Dragon Forge's resin castings.  They are very good looking basings and the castings are good.  Love the buried trench works.  Painting 40k models is always fun.
There you have it, my first Nob in a long long time.  It was good fun, enjoyed painting it.


  1. Nice work. That would be a pretty cool force!

    Lots of nice little details there. The arm wound especially draws me in to the "realism".

  2. Nice one! Extra flames above the eye really touched my heart :P

    check out my blog, guess you might find some words for my conversions, like how to improve here and there ))


  3. Thanks guys. Much appreciated.