Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Old Stuff Wednesday - May : Khorne Minotaurs

Ah the Minotaurs, lover them or hate them, mine I modeled just plain mean.  I want them big and nasty.  What says big and nasty more than an overly huge axe.  The axe was modeled out of plasti-card and used the normal spiked club weapon as the shaft.
Since I was playing Khorne back then, you need to have trophies on your models. 
So I put trophies all over them.  Made them look lkike they have actually collected all of this stuff on the kills that they made on the battle field.
I used parts from all over the place, Ogres, gors, dryads, zombies, goblins. 
I added the long flowing hair. The big tusks on the belly plate.
I even gave a couple of the models hooves.  They are not the nicest looking models, but I think I pulled off the mean theme.


  1. Really amazing painting PC; the remind me, in a good way, of Sendak's Wild Things. Best, Dean

  2. Always love the old stuff Wednesday.. more so when it includes your old Khorne Beastmen army.. great unit, lots of character..

  3. Shawn - shoot me a message when you have a chance

    Thanks for the comment on my site. Im pretty pumped about how that build is turning out. As I wont be at Gencon or games day this year (Gencon in 2013 here I come?) so the next comp on my roster will be a historical IPMS show
    this fall.

    As a complete aside I have a favour to ask. I am turning some of my attention back to my own beastmen and something I have coveted for a long time now is your beastmen.

    I want to convince you to convert up one single figure for me to add to my army? Basically I am looking for one of
    your beasts to come and hang out with mine ;) Doesnt have to be anything too fancy - khorne themed seems obvious.

    Id just like to paint him up and add him to my unit :)
    LMK what you think and give some thought as to what I'll owe you if we go ahead with this (we could even cross post it between our webpages!)

    James Craig

  4. Thanks guys, very much appreciate the comments.

    My beastmen, hold a special place in my army building endeavors. The gors, spawn, and bestigors moreso than my Minotaurs.

    The old stuff Wednesdays will continue for the forseeable future. Next month will probably be focused on some of the gors.

    @James: Email will be sent, no convincing will be needed, I'm definitely up for that. And I would definitely be interested in doing a cross-over of blog/web pages with you, I've always admired your stuff. Maybe an exchange of minis if you are upto converting a honorary Mutant Marauder for my chaos horde, its pretty simple anything chaosy goes. I'll get you that email.