Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WIP on the Paint Desk: Vikings, Romans, Chaos Spawn, Crusader, etc

Well really did not do anything tonight except paint a few rosy highlights, did nothing on these the last two nights, so its essentially what I managed to get done Sunday night.  A sort of grab bag of miniatures.
At this point most all of the colors are done, except for the Spawn and one of the Romans.  I've yet to do any washes to deaden the metals and get into the shadows and recessed areas.
The above mini is one of my new berserkers, a conversion of Warlord Games Barbarian.  I'm glad that I have begun to add a bit more rosy-ness to my fleshtones. I think its adding a lot more depth.
And below next to the berserker is another of the Warlord Barbarians done up as a Viking.  This one will go on the base with one of the Old Glory minis.  No shields yet, will do all of those later.
Below is one of the big batch of Foundry Romans.  They are pretty easy to paint, decent looking sculpts.  I'll be selling all of the Romans when I am done with them.
That's it for now, next up will be the washes, eyeballs, bases, blood, death and details.  Getting closer to having this batch done.


  1. Really great skin tone, especially on on the bärsärk.

    A little red really adds flavours.

    1. Its something that has been missing from my fleshtones for quite awhile. One of the Minnesota guys gave me the idea with the way he was painting a lot of his models. I started basically doing it in the faces and trying it on the berserker models. Still working out some of the paint compositions, will eventually apply this to 2D painting.