Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WIP On the Desk: SAGA, Vikings, and Romans

Injured my lower back last week, so I'm slowly getting to things, as I cannot tolerate sitting very long.  I've had a batch of Vikings sitting on my desk for a couple of months, and I have a whole lot of stuff that is in primer.
So I grabbed a variety of things and started in painting, basically at this point I'm just blocking in the colors and getting some highlights established.  Next up I'll establish all of the flesh tones, which are about 9-10 colors on the faces. 


  1. I see another painter who has found the best use of GW paint is to sstick figures to the tops :)
    Looking forward to seeing these develope, I have loads of vikings sitting waiting for love too
    Peace James

  2. Yep that's all those GW pots are good for.

  3. Good looking progress, PC - in spite of your injury and back pain. Best, Dean