Wednesday, December 25, 2013

WIP On the Desk: Chaos Spawn

Been awhile since I have painted any chaos and love of spawns returned me to the Chaos.  I often name the spawns something stupid, not sure what I will name this one, so if you have a suggestion, post it. 
 On this one I went a bit wild with the tentacles.  I had thought about painting them in a fleshy color and then thought they should have a bit of red in them.  So I used the Reaper Master Series Rosy Skin palate with Vallejo Model Color Red on the tentacles.  I went back over that with a GW wash.
I still have a bit to do on the model, still have the hooves, the axe, the pupils, gloss the eyeballs, blood effect on the head, along with the head's beard.  It's a fun model.
And while painting up the horns I put some finishing touches on this Centurion.  The Foundry models are so easy to paint, so smooth, with self-explanatory details.
 I think this Centurion is turning out very nice.  One I'm done with him and his Roman brethren, I'm going to be auctioning them off on Ebay.  The armor was 3-4 metallics and then washed with Secret Weapon's Soft Body Black.  Still have a few little details left on this model.
This batch is nearing completion, then I will move onto the next batch of 25 models or so, probably a bunch of Holy Crusaders, more Vikings and a big batch of Foundry Legionnaires.

Hope you all had a good Christmas.