Saturday, August 28, 2010

Warriors of Chaos Spawning Season...

In my Fantasy games I almost always run a couple spawn. They are good humor, they look cool, and quite often do the unexpected. The spawn kit is one of my absolute favorites. You can create a regular old spawn like this one.

Or do something else with all of those cool parts, and a bit of creativeness.

In this case, a chaos troll and an ogre head. I really dislike the troll bodies, but with a dremel and a bit of GS work I think they make really cool looking spawn.

Both of these will be in my Warriors of chaos army. They'll be fun to paint.


  1. The troll conversion is awesome - nice work on blending the spawn bits in with greenstuff!

  2. Those are great dude. I love the use of the spawn bits, such good improvements on those trolls.

  3. Thanks guys much appreciated. The army is coming along.