Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nurgle #2 which just may be smarter than Agent 0

This is the Beast of Nurgle #2, again converted from the Forgeworld Nurgle Ogryn which is a simply gloriously detailed model, its very stunning to look at in person, and my job was to get rid of all of the techno stuff to make it fit the fantasy realm. I think was able to pull it off, and it continued my education of sculpting nurgle. There were alot of tech stuff on the back that needed covering and I changed the angle of the one arm.

There was also a huge piece of tech coming out of the gut with mechanical looking tube, simply covered that to make the model even more bloated, and the tube was made to look sort of like an intestinal bypass, I figure these guys must generate some good methane, so they probably digest their own sludge.

Now on to Agent 0, Gilbert Areanas, I guess we now know why he wears the #0. What kind of idiot stores his weapons at his workplace, other than maybe a disgruntled Postal Work. You especially have to be nuts to do that Washington DC of all places. Oh his reasoning is that he didn't want to have them at home with his young kids. Well then either sell them or get yourself a gun safe, you should be able to afford one at $10 million a year. What is wrong with these guys? The NFL and NBA ought to have the NRA come in and teach these guys about gun safety, and then when they are done with that they should have to pass a hunter's safety course. The Wizards, formerly Bullets what irony there, you can bet will go after all the money that they wasted on this guy and his fragile knees. Now we all know why his nickname is Agent 0.
Rome is coming.......

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