Tuesday, July 26, 2016

More WIP on the Desk: Dark Ages 40k Inquisitor Knight

Okay so the title makes little sense until you see the pictures.

I've made a little progress on the Inquisitor that has been sitting on my desk.  Getting closer.  The base is looking pretty cool.  I have probably close to 30 miniatures sitting on the desk at the moment.  The previous 35-40 have moved onto storage for clear coating.
The Saxons have started to finally trickle onto the desk.  Really have enjoyed painting them.
 A few more Saxons, some skirmishers, the Old Glory vikings in the center, and few more my Foundry Vikings.  I'm painting a lot of things at random at the moment, just to keep everything fresh prior to doing some more Romans.  This batch has a very limited pallette of colors thus far.  Some will get finished some will get set aside for detailing when I get to using some other colors. 
Thus far most all of those minis have just been based with one metallic color and one rosy flesh color over the base coated flesh.  Probably a couple more nights and they'll be done and I'll put the next big batch on the table.

And its not just miniatures that I'm working on.  I started work on the Stronghold.....errrrr.....Elladan Dark Ages terrain piece.  I really like the looks of this.  Its rather early in the process of paint, but its looking good thus far.
 Below you see a Gripping Beast Viking posed with it.
Almost forgot the Reaper Knight.  Once its finished it will go up on Ebay.
 Here you can see the test piece that I did for painting the old wood.  The dead tree looks pretty good, got a bit further to go on the building.