Sunday, July 31, 2016

Another WIP On the Desk: More Dark Ages and Saxons

These will be leaving the desk a little bit later today.  Still have some detailing and eyeballs to do yet. 

 Above you see some of the skirmishers that I'm working on, and to the right a couple of Saxons.

Below a few Saxons and a couple of Vikings. 
With the Saxons, I'm going to be using a lot of different paint schemes with them to distinguish them a bit from Vikings.
A Viking berserker worked his way into the mix.  This is a converted Warlord Games model, like the one between the Saxons in the above photo.
 Below is a close up of one of the Saxons.  I really did not use a lot of these colors with my Vikings.  Even the leather is in a different color scheme.
These will get put in the que to clearcoat.  Once I get a big enough batch, I'll move onto doing that and the basing.  Next up.....more....


  1. Replies
    1. Yea. I did quite a bit this morning with basically one eye. The left eye and facial nerves are having a bad morning. Has improved a little bit as the day has wore on. My new normal after surgery.

    2. Stunning stuff though mate - don't wear yourself out! Love your bases I never manage the two tone thing myself any tips for that it always looks artificial when I do it

    3. I have good days and bad days with the eye and face. Mornings can be rough on the bad days, as that often means that I could not keep the eyelid shut while sleeping and the tear duct does not work properly as well. That's a good question on the basing, I had to think about that a little. I've seen it good and bad over the years. My approach to it is to make the rock cold and the earth warm and not share a single color between the two. The ones that I have seen done well share that same trait. The other thing with my bases on drybrushing, its a minimum of a build up of 3 colors. Also with the rise of a large selection of washes, like what Secret Weapon is making, that can add instant depth. I won't be using them on these bases as I'm matching what I did in the past, but in the future I will be using them more as well.