Monday, March 18, 2013

Work In Progress: The Forgotten Vikings and Tray

Funny how you focus on a project and forget something as large as a movement tray, but I did.  So I put another togther quickly and started painting.  As I got this ready, I decided to add a few more Vikings to the table.  One is a replacement for one of the uglier berserkers.
Above is the pre-clearcoat casualty on the tray, and his helmet.  Below is a dying Saxon.
Below are the WIPs of the additions.  Don't know if I will finish most of these for Adepticon, will see.  I'm struggling with what to do on a display base, the way that I want to do it and I still have a go-kart to get ready for the track now a month away.  So I may not get the display done.
The above berserker is a converted Warlord Games barbarian.  You'll also note the Old Glory Viking killing a Saxon. 

This Saturday I hope to get some games in with the army, won't be totally done, but close enough to game with.  Will see if it works.  Then the following Saturday will be probably spent building the new kart, I feel the need for speed, just wish the snow would melt sooner.


  1. Display boards have always struck me as a step too far. I understand they are almost obligatory in the States but I have never seen one between the three European countries I have played competively played in. Skip it, the go-kart will be more fun!

  2. Oh I was planning this board for quite sometime was going to make it 2 ft square and so I could also use it on my gaming table. So I will probalby just use the old one that I have. I like doing them when I have time as they are fun. Just have the time right now, and I'm feeling kind of burned out on Vikings. So today I switched gears to some Foundry Romans that I have had for years. Then I'll probably convert some Reaper stuff tonight for my Chaos. The next army is being planned and it will be mythological.