Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wow...I'm way behind.

I think I'm burning the fuse at both ends again.....

My building of orcs right now is two fold, one army for myself and another for someone else, similar construction yet differnt all at the same time. Lots of fun, wicked, and crafty things going on. I'm also working on some rats for someone, and finding them interesting, working a war litter. Here are a few WIP shots:

Much more to follow of all of these things and more.

And dang, I have not gotten around to shooting the Romans yet, still need to put the static grass on, then they are ready. The debut for them will be at Adepticon alongside Mike Butcher's Greeks.


  1. The platform is great, it seems so simple, yet there is something about it that seems oh so cool. Nice work dude.


  2. I agree with that, I started out putting all kinds of stuff on it, and it was just too busy. Wait until the champion actually gets put on it. More of both projects will be coming up in the future.