Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Waagghhhpaca...and Warner

Went to a tournament this past weekend, Waagghpaca in Waupaca, Wisconsin, run by Da Bear of Point Hammered podcasting fame. Had a good turnout with 38 players. Bear made all kinds of great looking trophies for prizes. Took my Khorne Demons army in to play, scored a very low composition score of three which means I'm a cheeesy basterd, but quite honestly I need a crutch as I'm not a very good player. We played five games over the weekend, three of mine were against Vampire counts two of which had composition scores the same as mine. Magic and shooting are the bane of the Khorne demons the way I play, but I did alright finishing 2-2-1, with my two wins being against Vampires and the draw against a tooled up Warriors of Chaos army. I was completely shocked by the lone skaven army I played, I think the screaming bell and doom wheel are little bit broken, but that's my initial thoughts. Great time though. I finished tied for fourth overall, won "Best Appearance", and tied for the largest margin of victory which just happened to be against a Vampire Counts army that had a comp score as low as mine. Pictures of the ultra orc helmet that I won will be coming.

On to Kurt Warner. Very often I'm banging on guys in sports that do or say stupid things or are generally just bad guys. Its easy to do because they are easy targets. Kurt Warner on the otherhand for all general appearances, appears to be one of the genuine good guys, very much grounded. He retired this past Friday, after another great season not even shedding a tear in his press conference. He's always appeared at least from what I've seen to be a very humble person who had to earn everything that had. I've enjoyed watching him over the years, and will certainly miss the way he plays.

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  1. Totally agree about Warner. In the past, he was easy to mock because of his wife-clone. But his work on the field is nothing but impressive.

    I think he gets strong consideration for the Hall.