Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Bretonian WTF!!???!!

 Yea you are probably like PPC, that's not a Viking or a Roman or Chaos...what the heck are you doing.  Well I once had a dream....well I have lots of dreams and let's not go there.
 At one time, I wanted to build a Bretonian army.  I accumulated a bunch of pieces for the models, then the newer models came, then the demise of Warhammer came about....then I decided to dump all that I accumulated on Ebay.  Or at least I thought I had dumped everything.
 I found this guy in the bitz box, so I threw him together and painted him up.
 I might keep him around for the occasional RPG/Frostgrave game.
 I think he turned out alright.
As always....well, no.  There will not ever be anymore Bretonnians from me.


  1. Great looking Bretonnian knight, PC. I like the unhelmeted head, sporting the mail coif.

    1. Thanks Dean. I've always liked this model, it may have been why it was not with the rest of the bits that I had.