Thursday, January 31, 2019

Viking Swordsman and Converted Dane Axes...

 This is one of the former Saxon Miniatures' Viking Warlords, now a Warlord Games model.
 I have two versions of this model.  I think its a semi-cool looking model, but its to linear.  The second model I'm likely going to at least bend the shield arm.
 I needed guys with Danes Axes, now I have a bunch.  A variety of pieces used in making these guys.  The one on the left has a Gripping Beast (GB) Plastics body with arms from Wargames Factory models that Warlord Games now owns and produces.
 The next one is a GB Viking with a Dark Ages head.  The next one in blue is a body from Wargames Factory with GB arms and a GW Empire Flaggelants head, and then the standard GB.
Once know it....more to follow.