Thursday, February 23, 2017

Finished Some Older Gripping Beast Models

 These are all older metal miniatures from Gripping Beast Vikings.  They are really showing their age.
The poses are very stagnant.  I did change out the weapons with plastic axes.  The old weapons are such a pain to work with.
 Its like this one and the one below, essentially the same figure with some different things on it.  I like how the striped pants turned out.  I'll be doing some more stripes.
All the basing is the same as my other Viking horde.  
Yep....we are just getting warmed up, much more to follow soon....


  1. Lovely - which rules do you favour at the moment for ancients?

    1. I'm still a WAB guy, and dabble with Lion Rampant and the minis can crossover into Saga. I will be looking into getting some Swordpoint in at some point.

  2. Love your spectacular and beautiful Vikings, great job!