Tuesday, January 31, 2017

As this seasons of Vikings comes to end...Here's another Warlord

I've been enjoying making and painting Vikings.  I thoroughly enjoy the historical side of things and getting to do Vikings is fun to me.  I think this model shows some of the fun, like my previous Viking Warlord.
This model is one of my creations from the Plastic Gripping Beast models.  I converted it with a nice overhand axe pose.
 I like making the bases part of the action.  So you have the head and the fresh blood and the blood on the axe.
 Like the previous model, it really pays to take your time and sculpt the mail into the joins and gaps at the shoulders.
As always much more to follow.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, very subtle conversions on this one.

  2. Most impressive job, from the base to the shield, from this bloody axe to these beautiful stripes!

    1. Yea the blood work is something I'm playing around with a little bit. I have some of those Battle Flag shield transfers that have a bit of blood on them. So I'm trying to work some of that in, mostly using a toothbrush for splatter.