Sunday, December 11, 2016

WIP on the Desk

Well, I'm making some progress with a lot of stuff on the desk, mostly Saxons and Vikings and support troops for both.

I threw into this group one of the Saxon Miniatures' Viking Warlords.  Its a cool miniature and will look good as part of my Viking army.
Below you can see some more of the Saxons and some of the Gripping Beast support figures made from their plastic Dark Ages.  In the background you can see a Blood Rage Viking, cool figure.
 Below are more of the dark ages figures, mostly slingers.  I've been reading a little bit on Gripping Beast's no large warfare rules set Swordpoint.  The 20mm square base should work out fine with some movement trays for that and WAB, Saga, Hail Caesar, etc.
With these I've been playing with the Secret Weapon's washes.  They work pretty well.  Probably as well as anything else that I have used. 

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