Friday, July 4, 2014

Viking Berserker

 I'm continuing to expand my Vikings, another berserker was in order.  Much like the other that I built for my Viking army this one was built from a leftover Warlord Games barbarian, with parts from the Gripping Beast plastic Vikings.   
 I'm really liking the new camera.  Soon I will get around to shooting pics of all my Viking units.
 The model has some good dynamics.
 A bit of experiment in green paint also, some I don't paint often.  This is for future projects that have a lot of green in them.
As always more to follow......


  1. Nice paintjob and small conversion! Nice to see that Warlord Games and Gripping Beast go this well together. Might have to try this too to add a bit of variety

  2. Great conversion and good paintjob

  3. Excellent painting. It is really appreciate able.I appreciate your posted wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing s uch an interesting post.

  4. Lovely colors on this guy, PC. I like the lunging pose too. Best, Dean

  5. Thanks guys, I think this fig will add nicely to my SAGA stuff also.