Thursday, April 3, 2014

Adepticon is Coming...errrr....Here.....errrr...There....

Adepticon is coming, well actually its here, or technically in Lombard.  I’ve been going to Adepticon since 2003, I believe was my first time there.  This year I’m not attending the event.  My hobby budget for this year is being applied to my racing karts instead as I plan out the racing season.  I’m not getting any younger and so there are some racing things that I want to do while I’m still somewhat competitive.  I’ll come back to tournament / convention scene when I’m old. 

So plans are not to play any tournaments, not to go to any conventions, but instead to race on the oval locally, race at least at one of the asphalt ovals in a new Midwestern Oval track series, race in the Grand Prix in Illinios, race 4-5 vintage events, race some sprint track events here in Wisconsin and Iowa, and partake in two Midwestern sprint series races.  That does not mean that I don’t have hobby things planned, just a taking a break from the events.   As part of that, I’m physically trying to get in better shape, and get prepared for all of the racing, which in karting means core strength and cardio.


  1. I will miss your contributions to the hobby but completely support your new direction in life. I was thoroughly enthralled by your crusader conversion of Perry miniatures and can imagine how it felt when Crusader miniatures and Fireforge released their models. Something tells me they were shamed by you to design their lineup. will still follow your racing so keep that updated. You have a way with words

    1. Thanks joe. I still have things on my desk and will be finishing up those here and there.

      My racing season begins in earnest the end of next week as I get out on the oval for some open practice and testing.

      And then there is always the spring rains which will come soon and I'll fill that time with some modeling and some drawing.

      I'm done yet, just slowing down a little to speed up elsewhere.