Sunday, January 19, 2014

FOR SALE: 40k Chaos Spacemarine BITS

Having built my latest Chaos Spacemarines which I recently sold on Ebay, I've essentially ran out of legs and such.  As a result of this, I've decided to thin out a bits box that I could use for something else.

So that said I have put up the following on Ebay, a sort of winter cleaning:

Approximately a 4 ounce bag worth.  Great for someone that does a bit of converting.  Some of the Items Included, this is not all of the items, there is more than what is listed in the following:
  • 3-OOP Terminator Combo Weapon Arms - Metal
  • 1-OOP Missile Launcher
  • 1-OOP Terminator Power Fist - Metal, Black Primer
  • 1-OOP Metal Plasma Pistol
  • 2-Heavy Bolters
  • 13-Khorne Berserker Chest Plates
  • 39+ Heads
  • 24+ Shoulder Pads
  • 12-Back Plates
  • 2-Backpacks
  • 5-Bolt Pistol Arms
  • 4-Chest Plates
  • 2-Chainsword Arms
  • 10+ Plasma Pistols (Don't roll a one)
  • 8-Backpack Trophy Poles
  • 15+ Battleroad Games Chaos Heads (great for conversions)
  • Miscellaneous Icons
  • And Much MORE   
And don't worry I have more Chaos Spacemarines.

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