Tuesday, November 12, 2013

WIP On the Desk: Progress on the Viking Saga

Made good progress on the Viking portion of the Saga minis.  Most of which have been converted.  I'm also working on putting together some terrain features for my gaming table. One of those pieces is the Longship in the background.

I managed to get all of the basing done.  I've had some Old Glory casualties that I decided to base.  Most of those figures are only 25mm and are quite a bit smaller than the rest of the stuff that I'm using.
I have a bit more converting to do and on a few more pieces.   Basing is mixture of HO Scale Railroad ballast, bits of slate, and fake rocks made from smashing some hardened Apoxie sculp.  This will match the work from previous batches of Vikings.
Better pics of these guys will be coming soon.

Next up are the Saxons.  I have most all of them built, need to base them and finish up adding bits to them.  I need to get another box of GBP Dark Ages to make up some slingers for levies and some more warriors. 

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