Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Old Stuff Wednesday - April: Blood Angel OSL

Circa April 2004.  I believe this is the only Blood Angel Space Marine that I have ever painted.  I fondly remember doing this as an experiment around the time when light sourcing was just really taking off on miniatures, and seemed to be the cool thing to do.  Well I think its still a cool thing to do. 
I borrowed the so-called NMM techniques that I used on my beastmen in 2003 and the red scheme.  I also used a bit more subtle highlight scheme from Cerulean Templar Spacemarine army.
 Back then I really struggled with bone colors in painting.
The pick below I think is really cool.  The green glow effect that I did back then was a series of drybrushes from dark to light green.
Another angle.  If I remember right, I did go back and paint in some sharper green highlights.
Red and green always work well in my opinion.  This was a cool experiment.  The miniature is no longer in my collection as I sold it years ago.

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