Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Adepticon Bound

Well, I'm off to Adepticon for the weekend.  Finishing touches on this batch of Vikings are done.  I'm happy with the looks of them.  Played some practice games with them a few weekends ago they are hard, but have quite a few faults in the army build.  We'll see how I do.  I have preordered the new Gripping Beast plastic Dark Ages box, and begun building a few Saxons also, in addition to some new Viking characters.  My expansion will be into some Bondi and Saxon allies, all of which will double for my playing of some SAGA in addition to WAB and hopefully some Clash of Empires.

For Adepticon, I'll be playing the big Hastings game against some Saxons and Normans Friday night.  On Saturday, I will play the WAB singles tournament.  Then on Sunday, Mike Butcher and I will team up in an attempt to win the WAB Team tourney for a second straight year. 

Friday night coincides with the first open practice for the kart season, which I'm going to miss.  Is it ever going to warm up, forecasted High of 43F, and we are supposed to have snow most of the days this week???  Well, my dad is going to shake-down my new racing kart, I helped him finish up his kart this past weekend.  We still have all the body work repair to do on both of them, just ran out of time with too many things to do.  Season begins May 3rd.

So if you are at Adepticon, swing by and look for my Vikings.

When I get back I'll probaby take a short amount of time off, recharge my batteries by doing some racing.  Then I've decided to take a spin down the road to doing some Flames of War with a couple of buddies.

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