Sunday, September 16, 2012

Viking Hirdmen Unit #4 Modeled

 I finished up this 4th unit as I was painting a few from the first.  This unit I wanted to do some modeling that gave them more of a shieldwall appearance. 
The pic below shows the one model that I converted crouching down a bit, with a normal model, and then one with a shield over the face.  I also added one of my cast dead in the midst of the unit.
Good shot of the crouching model and the spear over the top of him.
Also a shot of the backs of the units.  I added quite a git of hair, similar to some of the metal GB models.  Relatively easy conversions.
All of the movement trays will have a bit of eye candy.  I'm happy with the second rank spearman that is moving to fill the gap.


  1. Really nice! lots of action in there. Honestly, static tight ranked units don't really appeal to me much- a few exceptions where iconically appropriate: roman legions, napoleonic.. but in general, not really- *this* is how ranked units should look. Love the guy beating his axe against his shield.

  2. Thanks man. Totally agree about static ranked units. I like mine to tell stories and if they don't have that variety I get bored not just looking at them, but also painting them.

  3. Great work, you can feel the energy and fury in the unit. Love the causalities esp. It is really too bad the will just end up dying on Saxon spears. Really a shame ;)...