Sunday, September 23, 2012

Painting progressing...Chaos and Vikings Together

 Attempting to make up some of that paint deficit.  I started up with my blue phase once more.  The Chaos Knight in the foreground is the goal with the Chaos chosen models.  As I was doing this phase I grabbed a few random Vikings to paint them in the same scheme.  Now the Chaos stuff is about half there on the blues.  In the next phase I will probably randomize a few more Vikings in the lighter blue highlights for more variety.
Better picture of more of the models.  Yes the Vikings are little buggers in comparison with the Chaos models.  GW is way over the top on scale.  As you see on my pallette, three shades of blue.  I generally paint with 3-5 shades of a color in my pallette while army painting.  And I typically use a glaze medium to help with the blending and extending the life of the paint.

So there's progress.....


  1. PC:

    Interesting work - using the same color schemes for different projects. Why not? Sounds like a winner. Best, Dean

  2. With my chaos I also use a burnt orange color as part of the overall scheme, as can be seen on the cape of the mounted knight. That will also make an appearance on random Vikings. As will the leather colors and the metals will be basically the same also. Its a good way to use up paint if you mix up too much. I typically paint 10-15 models at a time, but this increases the model count.

  3. I paint six models maximum at a time. I find that if I do more it just takes too long to feel like I am making progress. 10-15 would absolutely kill my motivation.

  4. monotony is definitely an issue. So I move back and forth from Chaos to Viking back to chaos.....