Saturday, September 15, 2012

Know No Fear....Horus Heresy

After reading Dan Abnett's Prospero Burns and being sorely unimpressed with the story, I grabbed the next book on my shelve which was Know No Fear, Dan's next installment in the Horus Heresy.  Its the story of the battle of Calth, Word Bearers turning on the Ultramrines.  Wow....much better story than Prospero Burns.  It hooked me pretty well while, sitting at the race track in Quincy in the evenings with not much going on.  I'm not much into the Ultramarines and Guillimen, but this kind of changed my opinion at least on the background material of the Ultramarines.   I've always liked the Word Bearers concept in the Chaos Space Marine realm, so it was an easy sell to read a story that was about them, but not focused on them.  I thoroughly enjoyed the story, its massive, in carnage, destruction, deciet, and scope.  Much, much, better.  Not sure what I will read next in the Heresy tales. 

Up next for reading is Angus Donald's take on Robin Hood.  I'm reading his book titled Outlaw.  I saw the cover and the little stamp on it "As good as Bernard Cornwell, or your money back".   Hmm....we'll see about that.  Having read a lot of Bernard Cornwell stories over the past few years, that may be very hard to live up to, as I love his Saxon stories regarding Uhtred and his Agincourt. 

Onto Brodhead, WI and the 12 turn road course on Sunday, racing the vintage kart.


  1. Agincourt was great, haven't read any of his other books...