Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wargames Illustrated - Adepticon Coverage.

I see some pics of us playing the big Crusades Game and some of my Romans fighting against Vikings made it up on th eWargames Illustrated website.  If you scroll down to the WAB gaming at the following link:  Adepticon Coverage Link

The first pic, you will see Rich from Chicago Terrain Factory and Pat Lowinger from the Historical Wargaming Podcast and the nwhistoricalwargames blog.

Third pic down, the bald guy is the infamous Mike Butcher from the Butcher's Bill blog and the balding guy is me when I'm not in a go-kart.

The fourth pic down is a pic of my Romans taking on some Vikings....well the Praetorian unit was sold recently so technically I guess the praetorians are no longer mine, they are in Texas somewhere.

The seventh pic down is a pic of Mike's dirty rotten arabs in action, a very nice looking army, something I could not pull off with those figures.

The eighth pic down is a pic of my Crusaders teamed up with Mike's Saxons in action, from I think the first game.  We went on to win the WAB Team Tourney.

Then there are pics of the Minnesotan, Bennett Blalock-Doane's gorgeous Roman army, completely puts mine to shame.  Bennett is also a great player and won the Singles tournament beating Mike in the last round for the win.

All the above is very much worth checking out, in addition to that Flames of War stuff ahead of the WAB.  I'm not into FoW, but there is some really good stuff on there.

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