Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Viking Test Model in WIP Paint Form

Well started painting a test figure for my Vikings.  This is one of the metal models from Gripping Beast.  It is still a work in progress, I have yed to do any fleshtones.  What you see on the face is simply some white paint. 

I tried a couple different things that I normally do not do.  I typically prime my armies in black primer.  I did that with this model, but I painted the red cloth area and the pant legs white first, then added the colors.  It definitely gave me that faded red look that I was looking for in short amount of time.   I also hit the flesh areas with a little bit of white paint to.  Still need to paint all of the flesh.

So there it is so far, coming along.


  1. Nice progress, PC. Here's an alternative - spray the figure white and give the armor area a black brush on undercoat. Best, Dean

  2. Thanks. I did do that with some of my Crusaders. That worked well for getting some bright colors. I guess with these they have so much mail on them that I think black is the way to go for the most part. I'm using a Vallejo White which is very much like a Titanium White artist color and it covers basically in one coat. But I may try that with some of the shields especially.

  3. He looks fairly good and I guess he was easy to paint?

    Have you played SAGA yet by any chance? Just played it last night and found it very interesting. It is tempting me to take my Saxons out of retirement.