Thursday, March 17, 2011

Da Snotling 1000 pt Tourney

This weekend I will be playing in another small Warhammer Fantasy tournament. It’s a 1000 points, held locally in my area and has become an annual event. The whole concept of this tourney is to get local turnout and involvement, and hopefully give many of the locals incentive to build their armies up and get them painted so that they can play in the fall annual tournament that requires painted miniatures and at a much larger point value.

This go around, I’m not all that prepared to play, and don’t really have a good list for the Warriors of Chaos to survive. I thought about busting out the old beastmen, but they just are not that good and I've sold off many elements of that army, however I will be loaning a chariot to one of the local beastmen players. I’ve also not played many 8th edition games, because quite honestly I think most of the rules changes suck. Just my personal opinion. So with said, I’m going to try something that more than likely will look like a magical pin cushion at the end of the tourney, a thousand points of all Khorne Demons, once again pulling out elements my ’08 GT Best Appearance winning army. I’m going to go with a base of Khorne Herald on a Jugger, 5-Fleshhounds, and the rest will be bloodletters. The bloodletters will probably be in 2 or 3 units, haven’t decided that yet, with full command and probably the skull totem in the largest unit so that I can always march. So no magic, no shooting, strictly combat and maneuver.

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