Monday, March 7, 2011

Black Orc War Boss WIP

I've said this before, but once and awhile you build what you think is a cool model.

Then the more you look at it, the more you dislike it. When I started this model, I hadn't had the new boars on hand.

I just had this pig, well actually, three of these pigs. Not a very nice model.

I'm okay with the conversion, but not not with the boar....errrr...pig.

So this is the first model in my orc army that I rejected. I'll replace it with a model on the new boar. This old one is just not very good and won't cut it for my new army.


  1. I dunno; your work looks great to me. BTW, do you special tools - like the sets that they sell with GF9 kits? Regards, Dean

  2. wow. your stuff looks really great. Sorry we didn't add you to our top ten green stuff last week, you weren't on our blogroll. I just fixed that. keep it up!

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. Thanks for the kind words guys, Dean. Thanks Mike, I really need to frequent your blog more, just been out of the 40k stuff for a while, but I plan on making a return to 40k sometime this year.

    I think the model turned out okay, but the boar model itself I'm not happy with. I should do a side by side comparison with the one I did on the new boar.

    Most of my metal tools are stainless steel ones that I bought off of ebay, were made in India. I do not have the GF9 ones, I’ll have to look at those, but I would suspect that they are similar to mine. I also bought a couple that Chris Borer and Joe Orteza recommended to me back a few years ago, but I don't use them as much. I'll do a post of them again soon.

    Mine from India were pretty poor finish-wise with lots of burs and bad edges, so I polished them out with various grits of wet sand paper and then buffed them out, wasn’t much work and they look as good as anything else I have seen. I got like 11 tools for $11.

    If you click the label “tutorial” you’ll find my armor plating tutorial and in one of the first posts in that tutorial shows many of my tools. The other tools I use are the colour shapers by Royal Sovereign and a ball stylus from Michaels. For most of the armor plates I will use the color shapers or the tools with the metal spatula/spoon shaped ends. For mail armor the ball stylus. For the fur, typically a steel tool shaped like a metal tooth pick.

    At some point I plan to do some more tutorials, but I just have to find some time to write up and to post the stuff up.

  4. By themselves, they look really cool... I think the problem is the scale of a huge Ork on a smaller boar.

  5. Hey I really like the conversion work here and I know all too well about looking at a model then deciding you don't like it... I'm currently working on my LM army but have been getting ready to do my O&Gs army and came across your blog. You got some skillz. Looking forward to seeing what u do next. Holla!

  6. Thanks guys. Dave: My real problem with the model and its been this way for some time is that boar looks too much like a domestic pig. Just not working for me. Its also not a very good model. I like pretty much all of the orc stuff, but this boar.

    Thanks Iggy. I'm currently working on some VC Bashin' Blorcs and my army's first Goblin unit. Along with still painting the Perry Crusaders and my WoC army.