Sunday, July 19, 2020

NEW Chaos Spawn!!!

This is inspired by a Mike Butcher Chaos Ogre that I saw years ago.  I really loved the look of it and I had this Rat Ogre and some Tyranid pieces around and thought, this would make a cool looking figure.
 The figure is massive.  You can see the tentacles from the spawn kit coming out of its back.
 I gave it a fleshy color scheme.
 With some torn skin.
The upper part of the head was is an ogre bit.  The lower part is a Tyranid jaw. With the overall body being from the rat ogre kit.  All blended together with green stuff.
As always much more to follow.


  1. It looks ace! Love the elongated jaw and the torn flesh. I've converted one of those up as well. It's a great mini to work from.

    Well done!

  2. Fabulous work again, PC. The variations of colors a true feast for the eyes.