Monday, May 15, 2017

Thinning the Chaos Beastmen Herd

These are some of my original Old Skool Beastmen.  Love these guys, but I just don't use them much for anything anymore.  So thinning out the herd and selling a couple of groups of them.  Not one of them is the same as the other, with tons of conversion work done to them.

 So much like the Warhounds they are up for sale on ebay.  If you are interested follow the link:  Click this to the Ebay Auction
When I did these up they were very stylized.  Lots of bits of armor added to them.  Lots of subtle arm conversions.
The paint was all the so-called Non-metallic Metal or NMM, one of the dumb terms that miniature painters use to justify a paint style.
Good paint is good paint in my opinion, you don't need some stupid terminology to justify a style.  
More to follow....


  1. Fantastic work! The best herd I ever seen~!

    1. Back in the day in the upper midwest U.S. we had 4 guys here in the area that had just incredible looking herds, were some of the best looking Warhammer armies around.