Sunday, June 2, 2013

Return of WIP On the Desk: A mess of sccctufff in WIP Form

I know it just looks like I'm racing and working on the karts and not doing much of anything else as far as miniatures are concerned.  And that is partly true, but I have few house projects going on also.  The following is the mess that is on my other table as I still have not cleaned off my miniatures table from the completing the Viking project.  This is my drawing table, which means I'm not getting any drawing or inking done either.
As you can see I have a variety of projects going on.  If I would concentrate on one I might actually get something done, but I have so many things on my mind at the moment in and out of the hobby, and all of that clutter needs to come out sometimes all at once.
 Above you can see I'm working on getting some shields ready for that last roman unit that I built.  I'm also building some additional converted Vikings.  You have the Hell Dorado demon in the background that I'm gap filling at the moment, that is a figure that I have wanted to build and paint for a long time and will be a part of my Chaos army.
 Then you have these Shermans for my foray into Flames of War thanks to Mike Butcher and couple of other people.  I'm unsure that I will like this game, and I'm unsure that I will enjoy building and painting this tiny stuff, but I will try it. 

These Shermans are from the Open Fire box and holy crap they are a bad models.  The right side tracks on all of them are warped, the gaps are terrible, they assemble even worse.  At least the details are fairly good, and I'm pleasantly surprised by how good the plastic US Airborne look, because I think their metal miniatures are horrible.
Above you see some of the gap filling.  On a couple I did a crap load of work carving and filing to get rid of gaps and finally decided to just put the damn things together and get out the Green Stuff.  The Firefly tanks are little better.  The Stug goes together well, I plan to make this in to a blown up objective marker.
In the middle of the above picture you see a Dark Sword miniatures Medusa.  That's right its a new project with much much more stuff to come.

Below is a Fireforge piece that I'm converting.  The models they have made are excellent, but I want a bit more variety.  So I'm drawing a sword from the sheath.
Below is another conversion I have gone for my Chaos army.
And now for a cool kit bash of Vikings, these will double for rank and file battles and for Saga eventually.  The torsos are War Games Factory, the heads from GW and they will get more hair, and the arms are from the Gripping Beast Plastic Viking kit.
They stand a little taller than the GBP's, but God did not make us all the same height.
Tune in tomorrow for the review of Gripping Beasts new plastic Dark Age Warriors kit and on Wednesday for Old Stuff Wednesday - June '13.

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