Saturday, June 1, 2013

Assembled Warlord Games Barbarians for Sale...And More

Well it hasn't all been about racing lately, I have a few things that I'm working on.  I've had boxes of the barbarians for a couple of years and have found some things to use them for, which also left me with a lot of figures that I have no need for.  So I have up for auction currently on Ebay an entire unit of Warlord Barbarians.  Below is a picture of the miniatures and a link to the auction with even more pictures if you are interested, priced cheap:

Link to Auction

I also have started cleaning out some boxes and have a few other choice items up for sale including a blister pack of Crusader Miniatures RFA 031 Early Imperial Romans, an Apothecary, a Grey Knight, and a OOP metal Chaos Space Marine, and more....found at the following link:

Link to All my Current Auctions----Click Here!

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