Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chaos Space Marine - Slaanesh Conversion...Come Get Some

I've had these Slaanesh bits for years and never really had a use for them until now.  I love doing poses like this one.  It screams chaos and come challenge me. 
Again you don't always have to go completely over the top with green stuff sculpting to make interesting characters.  Lots of times using the right bits in combination make for a very unique miniature.
Only a few chaos spacemarines left.  Matter of fact I've begun putting up what's left of my chaos space marine bits on Ebay in my Madhouse Workshop Account.


  1. That is an impressive figure, PC. I can't wait to see you add your fine paint work to it. Best, Dean

  2. Thanks Dean. However, I won't be painting any of the chaos spacemarines that I'm doing currently. Just converting them at the moment.

    Paint work is on the crusaders and finishing up a few one off pieces.

  3. Love it. I heard Duke's voice when I read the title. The model justifys the quote. Will he be painted pink, so he doesn't run out of bubblegum?

  4. great stuff very cool ... link for your ebay?

  5. Thanks guys.