Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Chaos Spacemarine Character Conversion

More or less an excercise in use of special left over bits.  As with a couple of this batch not really using a lot of GS.  These are relatively straight forward conversions.
This one will also go up on Ebay with the rest of the group in week or so.  No paint, just the converted model.  I'll make that announcement when the group is all ready to go.  I'm currently running some auctions on some of my left over chaos spacemarine bits, more of that will follow.  If you are interested....checkout my listings...


  1. This is really nice! How did you sculpt the cloth so well?

  2. Ah forgot to put that in the post. In my tutorials I have shown just how I do that, or click on the Tabard label on the right side that will take you right to the tutorial.

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