Thursday, July 23, 2009

You ever wonder what the Handsome Point Boys are like.....

Alright, I had some time to kill while packing up some stuff getting ready for Gamesday, so I listened to a podcast by the Handsome Point Boys, otherwise known as Skrewdriver Johnny and Joe the Rodge. Now these guys are some of the guys from Wisconsin that hang with Mike Butcher and I occassionally along with Ryan The Bear. Its interesting, they do occassionally annoy me, they are quite often boisterous, loud, and often drunk, but they play and do Warhammer stuff very well and often are entertaining. So if you want to know what I often go through at Adepticon and some other events hanging out with these guys give them a listen at Pointhammered

I often need about six months to recover after spending a weekend around them. If you do not like foul language and semi-juvenile behaviour don't listen.

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