Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chicago Gamesday 09 Preview

Mike Butcher and I will be doing seminar there on building/converting/painting/themes you name it anything associated with the building of armies. To find us go to the Golden Demon Lounge where we and the rest of TNA and some others will be hanging out all day long. There is a registration for the seminar, but we will also be sitting at the table, so feel free to ask us or anyone else sitting at the table.

And yes there will be a great deal of models on display for our seminar and I would guess the rest of TNA will have a great deal of things on display also. Registration begins at 10

Others that will be at the table throughout the day include past slayersword winners: Chris Borer, Dylan Gauker, Lilli Troy, Jeff Wilhelm, Bennett Blalock-Doane, and other great painters and converters such as Nathan Commanse, Dave Pauwels, Mathieu Fontaine, James Craig, Kent Plumb, Brian Sobb, Aaron Wilson, Brice Cocanour, and maybe some others. I know Dave Taylor and James & Cathy Wappel will also be around.

So stop by and say hi.

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