Sunday, May 3, 2009

Taking a bit of break from Fantasy for 40k ...& Chelios

I've always enjoyed the 40k models and fluff, just not really the game itself. Lately, I've taken a bit of break from working on Fantasy Armies to refresh and do some different things. The TNA ork Nob, kind of refreshed me abit. I have a ton of pieces sitting on or around my desk, so I just began finishing a bunch of them for fun. Most will probably end up on Ebay for really cheap fun for someone else to paint. Alot of them are just experiments.

I really did not like these chaos knights heads, but as Chaos Space Marines they are quite creepy looking, which gives that cool evil look. The first is just your run of the mill conversion which will be on Ebay soon, links can be found to my Ebay account over at my Forum.

And then here is his brother:

Then some left overs from a Space Wolves army that I never finished, that had a whole lot of barbarian type marine conversions in it. These two guys are up for sale on my forum by the way.

More 40k stuff to follow soon, and maybe some WIP shots of some of my Black Orcs.

And wow what a game I'm watching as I'm doing this between Detroit and Anaheim. I'm a huge hockey fan, love the Red Wings and Badgers. This game has had a ton of action lots of goals early, then everything tightened up a bit, going into triple OT. Great to see Chelios still playing at 47, as well as former USHL Green Bay player Ryan Carter for Anaheim. And it's just ended damn dirty ducks just won. Great game though.


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