Monday, May 4, 2009

Blorc Nob Dwarf! Sounds like I'm cussing....

Last night I started a new project as I build a unit of Black Orcs to team with Grimgor at the head. Here is one of them. I’m using one of the 40k Nob heads, that gives him a particular vicious look. Added a “Wicked/evil” glyph riveted to his gut plate. There’ll be a number of dead empire, bretonians, and other humans through the unit.

And I did a bit more work on the TNA Nob. Thought about the whole flaming heads glyph and thought it would be cool to incorporate that on the ork head. These pictures show him on the ultra cool resin base created by Dragonforge. This is my first time of working with his bases and they are very good. And for a bit more detail, what better than a decapitated Tau. Hate those little bastards.

And for something different, I normally do not often show WIP’s of things that I paint. This Avatars of War dwarf is something I started a month ago and stopped. One day I will get back to model and finish it. Anyone that knows me knows that I really don’t like dwarves and I especially hate elves, so its really hard for me to get motivated to paint something like this. That may be why that goblin head actually turned out pretty cool. So far. For a dwarf this is a very cool sculpt, very smooth.

Next time probably some more Black Orcs and maybe some more on Bret Favre.

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