Sunday, January 10, 2021

When Barbarian Fight...My Art

 When I was a kid, I would spend hours looking at Marvel Comics' Big John Buscema's Conan and Thor and Avengers.  I was not a rich kid, I did not have a ton of comicbooks, just a few.  John Buscema artwork was what I thought was perfect for comic books.  I would spend many days trying to draw like him, inspired by him.  Many of those books fell apart and are in complete tatters, as I would take them with me on family trips to pass the time.  The only one I still have from then is Thor Annual #5, the covers are missing pieces, the book has been restapled, the pages are yellowed and worn.  A few years ago I bought a better copy of that book for my collection.  Now I have 100s of comics, mostly Conan, by John Buscema.

This piece is inspired by Big John, a Conan cover that he did years ago.  This is my version of that.