Sunday, January 19, 2020

I think I'm Back....Maybe...New Chaos Mutant Marauder

 What the heck PPC your BACK!!!????!!!?????  Well maybe.  Like with anything in life, you sometimes hit a cross-roads.  For me that occurred, 5-years ago with having been diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma and having 11.5 hours of brain surgery to remove the tumor that turned out to be benign. 
 Its to me that everything since then has changed.  I'm still getting better from it, but not without difficulty.  And the games industry that I was involved in from a hobby standpoint changed.  This has been complicated, by my single-sided deafness from the tumor, left eye issues, turning 50, buying a house, Photobucket's changes, the sort of collapse of the blogging and forums community, the closing of our local game shop, the disappearance of friendships, discovery of new hobbies, rediscovery of old hobbies, coming to cross-roads in my profession.
 So where does this take me....I'm not entirely sure.  I'll likely utilize my Facebook page more (Madhouse Workshop), I'm thinking about doing some YouTube, similar to my kart racing channel that is still going strong at Racing Psychosis.  Where does that leave the blog...again, I don't know.
 So what is this figure?  Well years ago, Mike Butcher and I were doing some things with James at Lost in the Warp.  We did a figure swap at the time.  James built this miniature to go with my now defunct Mutant Marauders in exchange for some beastmen that I built him.  I was to paint this up. 
 Its a strange miniature, definitely mutated.

As always more to follow????