Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Goofing around with Romans and Youtube

I do a bit of video work and post a lot of my karting videos on Youtube quite often.  I recently purchased some new video editing software and have been playing around with to see what its capable of doing, which is much more capable than previous software.  So one of those playing around moments created this thing on my Roman unit that Warlord Games was kind enough to showcase on their web page and allow me to write about it and the condition that turned my real world upside down begining in December of 2014 to the present.

Here is the video on Youtube:
Madhouse Workshop Video Link

Here is the link to Warlord Games Showcase:
Warlord's Showcase Link

Yep very basic, I'm honestly not sure that I will do much with Youtube related to the hobby and the blog, I'm certainly not Dr. Faust, or the prowrestling commentator that Next Level Painting is, or the WiscoHornDog saga strategist, but you never know.