Saturday, April 2, 2016

Viking Archers in WIP

Really enjoyed building these Conquest Games Archers.  I built them in the thoughts of using them for my Vikings and medieval.  I also did a few very easy conversions to do that.
Below you can see two of them that I did with a Gripping Beast Head swap.  Not hard to do, but you do need to add a neck as the Conquest Games minis the neck is part of the head, whereas the Gripping Beast plastics heads do not have a neck.
Below you can see I used some knives and viking shields.
Below, I also strapped some axes to them and left over swords from the Gripping Beasts kits.

You can also see that I have added a green stuff collar to cover my neck piece, which was just a hole punched piece of plastic.
The one below is using the axe.  I added some hair and a stand of arrows from an old Bretonian kit.

 The pointing one you can see the neck piece.
These are a fun kit and should mix well with the archers that I have already, so now I'll have a second unit.


  1. Those are great! Very inspiring.

  2. Oh yeees! Looks fantastic! Waiting for painting:)

  3. They look pretty decent, might get some for generic dark ages and medieval gaming.

    1. I've heard a lot of people talking poorly of them. I think they are pretty decent models. I've been shooting archery for 40 years and did not have a problem with the poses. Sometimes the archer poses are completely messed up, but these are decent. And I do feel they are Conquest's best effort thus far. And pretty cheap for 28 minis.

  4. Thanks guys. Looking forward to painting them.