Saturday, November 8, 2014

My Crusades army gets some additions

 I had a fairly small unit of foot for my crusades army, so I wanted to add some more models to that unit.  Most of the models, all of the ones with swords are Conquest Games plastics Normans. I still need to add the static grass and floc that you see on the Spearman, but they are basically done.
 The spearman is a converted Perry model.  The model next to him with the axe is a model that I cannot remember, the axe is from the Gripping Beast plastic Viking range.
The Conquest Plastics are not the best quality plastic kit out there, the details are a bit shallow, but they are workable with a bit of effort.  Good comparisons of the metal models to the plastics shown below.

Even more to come.


  1. Great looking Crusaders, PC. I like the GB axe guy the best.

  2. Looks great. You have done an excellent job on the somewhat boring Conquest Games miniatures. The added axe wielding mustashois bearing soldier is gold.