Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Old Stuff Wednesday - May: Black Templar on a Rock

Circa May 2004.  This is one of the few Black Templar Space Marines that I have ever painted.  I did a test piece prior to this for my Space Marine Templars and soon figured out that I did not like painting black and white, so I changed my color scheme to blue and white.  Later on I was commissioned to do a Black Templar dreadnought, so I painted this piece as a color scheme test.
 Not sure what I was thinking with that rock on the base, a piece of baked super sculpy.
 I still think this power sword really turned out cool.
I used to do collages of photos.
The back of the mini sported my stark highlight scheme, again from my Cerulean Templars.
Yea that rock looks dumb.  The tabbard was a sculpt by me, and not a very good one.  The black highlights look pretty decent.  I no longer have this miniature in my collection, as I sold it years ago.


  1. Cool fig, PC. I've not played 40K, but I've received a little bit of background. One of my co-workers played it as a kid and he has recently renewed interest in it (probably from talking to me about gaming :) ). Best, Dean

    1. I do love the 40k fluff. I have not played the game in years. The 40k models are big and paint up well, and are always fun to work on.

      The Horus Heresy books I have enjoyed reading most of which. I pretty much only read the ones by Dan Abnett and Graham McNeil and avoid most of the others.