Friday, April 6, 2012

The Conquest Crusaders grow

Its spring and the Crusade grows.  The following are more of my Conquest games miniatures, mostly converted.

Pic above of the shield.  Below another of the conveted Knights.  The one thing I'm noticing a bit painting the Conquest Minis is that they are easy to paint.  There is one small flaw that keeps showing up in the minatures and thats the mail sleeves are lacking a bit in depth on the molds.
Below you can see more of the horse conversion.  I also added the surcoat on this rider.
Below is the other red one, set more as a sergeant and not a knight.
I like this pose, quite cool looking for the right flank of the formation.  I'm sort of avoiding adding a bunch of crosses.
This is an interesting one.  Conquest Games makes these as Normans, and in their time period they were not known to couch their lances, used them essentially as spears.  This one I used a spear arm from my Gripping Beast's plastics and it sort of looks like a couched lance.
That's it for now, hopefully the next time you see these it will be as a full unit.


  1. Museum quality painting. The heraldry is so realistically done - better than any transfers. Best, Dean

  2. Thanks Dean, don't know about museum, these are not my best.

    I do love Little Big Men's transfers, especially if they are coupled with really good paint work.